Apply for hosting

Terms of hosting.
If I decide to host your site. I want nothing illegal uploaded on to your webspace.
1. No pornographic sites.
2. No sites with ways to hack or spamming links posted.
3. Payments for current webspace must be made on time. If you can not make said payments on time I will suspend your account until further notice.
Free webspace option is 10mb and a person email.
Please post a link to main domain on any page.

What you get
A subdomain:
A personal email address:
Scripts that I can install on request.





I Agree with the terms and rules
I Disagree with the terms and rules

Payments will be made every month on the day that you applied for hosting through paypal. I only accept Debit or Credit card payments only. If extra space is needed it is a dollar extra for 2 more mb.