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Nike Air Max Shoes Sale 13397

The Eagles managed to win 10 games each of those first two seasons because of a potent offense. This year, the offense hasn't carried the team.
Here's where Davis' defense has ranked during his last three seasons under Chip Kelly:

"Consistency in tackling, scheming it so the guys are in position to make plays and then getting out of the way to let them make plays," he said. "We'll focus on the Giants this week and after that we'll have a lot of time to reflect on how it went south on us."
— 2014: 28th overall (375.6 yards), 31st against the pass (264.9 yards),Wholesale Jerseys China, 15th against the run (110.7 yards) and 23rd in points allowed (25.0).
Many Eagles fans have pushed for firing Davis as Philadelphia (6-9) heads into its final game this season,NHL Jerseys China, against the New York Giants. Davis said Tuesday he's no more concerned about his job security than usual. He said he's focused on getting his defense back to where it was earlier this season.
Changes to the secondary and linebackers last offseason gave the defense hope and a spark. Through the first nine games,Nike NFL Jerseys China, the Eagles ranked in the top 10 in several defensive categories.
— 2015, with one game to go: 30th overall (394.9 yards),Wholesale China Jerseys, 26th against the pass (265.3) and 29th against the run (129.7) and 28th in points allowed (26.7).
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Embattled Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis says his team's defense can be fixed — and he's the one who can fix it.
"The only way to stop the conversation about job security is to win more games," he said.
Davis said most of the problems stem from inconsistency.
"I have to figure out why and when and how and then how we're going to fix it and how we're going to make sure it doesn't happen next year," Davis said. "Because we've shown we're capable of playing top defense. ... We didn't maintain it through the season. That's disappointing."
— 2013: 29th overall (394 yards per game),Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 32nd against the pass (289.8 yards), 10th against the run (104.2 yards) and tied for 17th in points allowed (23.9).


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Re: Nike Air Max Shoes Sale 13397

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Re: Nike Air Max Shoes Sale 13397

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Re: Nike Air Max Shoes Sale 13397

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