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Wholesale Jerseys Group 6046

The Titans (6-6) planned to promote linebacker Justin Staples from the practice squad,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys.
The rookie had surgery on his right foot in late May that the Titans described as preventative. Mularkey says Dodd had a hard time practicing with the foot,Wholesale China Jerseys, which was affecting his performance. Dodd finishes the season with nine tackles,Sale NFL Jerseys, one sack and four quarterback pressures.
Coach Mike Mularkey announced the move Monday after practice,Cheap Jerseys USA.
The 33rd pick overall out of Clemson had not been on the injury report,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China. Mularkey said last week he wanted to see a sense of urgency out of a healthy Dodd.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee rookie linebacker Kevin Dodd is being placed on injured reserve and will have his right foot re-evaluated after being scratched the past two games.


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Re: Wholesale Jerseys Group 6046

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Re: Wholesale Jerseys Group 6046

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Re: Wholesale Jerseys Group 6046

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