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not much to eat. BBS or personal stations. O. fashion earrings of materials, Earrings as stay in the ears of jewelry. in order to match the dress and colorful season,DNF with the optical properties of the soul choose release emperor hand decorated Sanjiantao auxiliary loading force Link with refined chaos instead of auxiliary equipment with the outsider Necklace Bracelet right slot ring Rong Yaoguang irwin the key is to see whether the inflammation in finished pierced ears maintenance after 10 days do not touch the water don't always see it touch it To try to tie up the hair around the ears to keep fresh the best time to sleep but also tie Wear clothes. please promptly deal with.1 try not to touch the water 3 ear pressure not to sleep just finished pierced ears set to remember to sleep when the pillow ear pressed his ear pressure made the blood circulation to inflammation of />45 just poke Earrings end home to avoid earrings pierced holes together when just recommend home try wearing Tiejin or silver staining comparison Oh ~ the answer by the users push Answer | comment recommended correction The wound did not heal before.
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