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Wholesale Jerseys Outlet

Trestman said he has "cordial conversations" and "business conversations" with chairman George McCaskey but would not divulge any details. If there are changes, it is unclear how far up the chain they will go.
The defense continues to rank among the league's worst,wholesale nfl jerseys, but the biggest issue is the regression of the offense. The Bears have gone from second to 19th in scoring and have failed to hit the 30-point mark this season.
As for Trestman's future,Authentic Jerseys Cheap? The coach hears the rumblings,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys.
Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, who admitted he was a source behind a recent NFL Network report criticizing Cutler, could be on the way out.
They hired Trestman hoping he would get the most out of Cutler. But that's not happening this season.
It would help if Cutler hung onto the ball. He leads the league with 18 interceptions and 24 turnovers after signing a seven-year contract at the end of last year, and Trestman didn't try to sugarcoat things when he was asked about making sure Cutler is performing at his best.
Inside the Bears' headquarters, Trestman said he feels he has support.

"I think that's evident I haven't, up to this point,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping," said Trestman, who was hired two years ago to do just that. "Am I working at it? Yes. But we've seen moments, but we haven't done it on a consistent basis. I can't hide from that. I haven't been able and we haven't been able to do the thing that we want to get done. We're working toward that. But the answer to that is obvious."
Trestman might be coaching his final games,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and there are big questions about general manager Phil Emery. After all,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, he hired Trestman over Bruce Arians two years ago and put together a team that took a big step back after going 8-8 last season.
The Bears (5-9) have two games left in a season that derailed long ago and changes could be coming. Trestman said his focus is on preparing for Sunday's game against Detroit and halting a three-game skid.
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) — Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman is aware of all the speculation about his future and acknowledges he is not getting the most out of quarterback Jay Cutler.
"We're aware that there's noise out there," he said. "I've been around the NFL long enough to know that when you're 5-9 there's going to be a lot going on outside the building."
"But it's not all about Jay. It's about our entire offense, working together to get it done," Trestman said.
"I walk through the building and I feel very supported here," he said.


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Re: Wholesale Jerseys Outlet

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