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Cheap NHL Jerseys China 14938

Executive vice president of personnel Stephen Jones said on his radio show this week that backup quarterback was "obviously something we're going to have to address" in the offseason.

The Cowboys also waived cornerback Corey White and running back Christine Michael. White was acquired off waivers from New Orleans in the offseason, and Dallas traded a late-round pick to Seattle for Michael the first week of the season.
Trey Williams, an undrafted free agent out of Texas A&M,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, was signed off Washington's practice squad on Nov. 4.
The dumping of Michael leaves Dallas with two rookie backups to Darren McFadden with two career carries combined — both by Rod Smith for Seattle before he was waived by the Seahawks last month,Cheap Air Max 95 Sale.
Cassel stays as Romo's backup even though Dallas twice went without a touchdown in his four losses, which dropped his career record to 33-42. He threw three interceptions in his first start and had a critical pick-6 despite playing well in a loss to Philadelphia.
Weeden got the first three starts after Romo's injury,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, but didn't present much of a threat down the field. He was replaced by Cassel after a 30-6 loss to New England that was the Cowboys' first game without a touchdown in four years.
Jones suggested the team would consider spending more after Weeden entered the season as the backup on a base salary of just $660,NFL Jerseys Authentic China,000.
IRVING, Texas (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys waived quarterback Brandon Weeden on Tuesday with the possibility of Tony Romo's return this weekend after missing seven games with a broken collarbone.
Weeden went 0-3 filling in for Romo and Matt Cassel was 0-4. It's the longest slide by Dallas since the team lost the last seven games of 1989 to finish 1-15 the year owner Jerry Jones bought the team and hired coach Jimmy Johnson out of the college ranks at Miami,Nike Air Max 95 Mens.


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Re: Cheap NHL Jerseys China 14938

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