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cleaning the bathro

cleaning the bathroom, If the plane is 1 jewelry oxidation is not very serious can use rub silver cloth to wipe wipe the surface of the chemical composition of silver silver oxide Or wipe the lipstick on the clean cotton cloth 2 with correction liquid on silver jewelry in the correction liquid before dry silver cloth absolutely effective 3 scrubbing with toothpaste and toothbrush 4 with ammonia solution as cleaning fluid which is used in traditional jewelry line is quite extensive but the effect is worse than that of phosphoric acid cleaning solution 5 washed with silver Wash the blister for one to two minutes rinse with plenty of water 6 with the height of machine polishing the surface corrosion layer and would like a new light Remember if there is a shop home ultrasonic wave to wash your oxidation silver also charges don't be cheated ultrasonic can only wash dirty crevice can not wash oxidation 7 the best is to wear every day wipe with silver cloth do not wear in plastic bags to isolate the air certainly no problem A lot of people think that silver is black it means that the body is not healthy in fact this is a little biased silver black summer sweating how to determine the future Silver Black reason not the poor body becomes black (Editor: Fang and HF055) hot do not want, 9,bvlgari replica jewelry,brooches Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time. If you don't wash it with clean water, It can accelerate the wound healing and the ancient people have the method of covering the wound with silver sheet to promote wound healing We also need to wear Tremella nail after the pierced ears to prevent allergies and inflammation There is water purification and antisepsis effect Experiments have shown that the same milk is more than three times longer in silverware than in stainless steel or other containers Silver dishes especially babies can be considered if the economic conditions permit The ancients said: wearing silver health and wealth will accompany five ANN mind set stop fright in addition to evil So why are so many parents wearing silver for the baby In medicine it is much higher than the effect on human health and other precious metals If the silver becomes black you should pay attention to whether the body is too wet or sub healthy silver There are so many benefits jewelry styles beauty and health has been the preferred gifts and from wearing jewelry perm damage easily silver surface gloss items; 3.
   " silver will be black is normal, two rhodium bright again. you can buy a bottle of wash water, and then clean a layer of nail polish for the clean silver. because they are corrosive.


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