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Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China 6832

Kansas City's Alex Smith, another mobile quarterback,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, says he understands Newton's point.

Cam Newton took some heat from critics when he ripped into game officials two weeks ago after Carolina's 30-20 win over Arizona, saying he didn't feel protected in the pocket.
"Obviously players get held accountable for things that happen on game day. I think guys just want to see that across the board. They want referees included," Smith adds. "Those guys out there, there needs to be some accountability on that. I think everyone wants to be treated the same. If some quarterbacks are getting afforded certain protection,holesale Soccer Jerseys, that needs to be across the board, regardless of how big you are, how mobile you are. It needs to get called consistently.
"He certainly has merit in that argument that I have seen in that they were blows to the head,Wholesale Jerseys, helmet to helmet,Cheap Jerseys," Smith says. "It's hard to say, I don't know that's similar across the league or if he's certainly at a disadvantage being so big. He's such a good runner that all of a sudden he's not getting the calls.
"I probably haven't studied enough on that. In terms of the hits I've seen in the pocket, he very well could have had a flag thrown."
"Obviously nobody is perfect, I'm not saying that. There is going to be some human error, but certainly you want to see it get called consistently."
Smith says he wants players and officials to be held accountable,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China.


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Re: Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China 6832

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