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Wholesale NFL Jerseys

Gardner earlier pleaded not guilty in the case,Cheap NFL Jerseys.
Court documents say the two raised money from investors for Gardner's business, Hennessey Financial, and misrepresented the company's financial circumstances. As Hennessey declined,Cheap Jerseys From China, they say the men then created new companies and drew new loans without disclosing financial problems.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Vikings tight end Stu Voigt has pleaded not guilty in an alleged Ponzi scheme,Wholesale NFL Jerseys.
Voigt entered his plea Thursday after being indicted earlier in April on charges of conspiracy and fraud. The government accuses Voigt, 66,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, and Jeffrey Gardner,China Jerseys, 61, of using a real estate scheme to defraud investors.
Voigt played for the Vikings from 1970 to 1980,Cheap Jerseys From China.


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Re: Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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