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Wholesale China Jerseys 8448

Ramsey and Smith were both flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for jawing and pushing late in the fourth quarter.

Jacksonville's rookie cornerback even refused to talk to Baltimore's veteran receiver following the Ravens' 19-17 victory Sunday. Ramsey didn't hold back in the locker room, though, a move Smith later questioned on Twitter.
Smith finished with eight catches for 87 yards,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including a fourth-down reception that led to Justin Tucker's go-ahead, 54-yard field goal with 1:02 remaining. Ramsey said few, if any, of those catches came on him.
Smith approached Ramsey after the game, apparently to talk about what happened on the field, but Ramsey wouldn't acknowledge him.
"He was lined up on me a couple of times at the beginning of the game," Ramsey said. "Not so much at the end. He's still a good player. I'll say that about him. But I don't respect him as a man."
One of the league's all-time trash-talkers,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, Smith wasn't done, either.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Jalen Ramsey and Steve Smith had to be separated in the fourth quarter and again after the game.
"Once you're beating you're opponent who's in front of you physically and psychologically, they tend to get mad like that,Cheap Jerseys USA," Ramsey said. "I don't care how old he is. I don't care. You line up in front of me, you're going to get me. If that made him angry, then he can go home and sleep on it. I don't care. You ain't going to try me as a man. At the end of the day, it is what it is."
"In 5 to 10 u will be retiring and they will be taking my measurements for something you will NEVER BE,Cheap NFL Jerseys China. #HOFer. I got cleats with stronger thread then you!!!" Smith added.
Smith had long left EverBank Field when he saw Ramsey's quotes and defended himself on Twitter,Jerseys NFL Wholesale.
"I gave U every opportunity to speak face to face," Smith wrote. "But you found your voice safely behind closed doors. Young man I don't need ur respect!"
"Ain't nobody worried about him," Ramsey said. "He came up to me on some disrespectful stuff. The game's over with. You still mad 'cause I was locking you up? All right, go sleep on that. I ain't trying to hear that after the game. ... He's an old man acting like that."


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Re: Wholesale China Jerseys 8448

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Re: Wholesale China Jerseys 8448

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